Get back Hacked Account

Get Back Hacked Gmail Account

If you see a mail from Google about suspicious activity then there is case of unusual activity in your Gmail account. This means you cannot login to your account and your account might have been compromised. In such a scenario you can do following to get back your hacked Gmail account if you still can sign in to your account:

  • If you think your account has been compromised then you should change your account password immediately.
  • Next thing you should do is that complete the security check up so that the attacker of your account cannot regains access to your account later. You should review your account recovery information, recent activity related to security of your account and the devices, apps and websites which are connected to your Gmail Account. You should immediately remove devices or apps that you don’t recognize.
  • After you are done with step 2 to secure your account you need to sign in again on each device, app and browsers which had full access to your Gmail account.
  • If you still see signs that your account is compromised, your computer might have been infected by a virus and the attacker might be using your machine remotely.

Google recommends that you install anti-virus software or wipe your computer clean and reinstall your operating system.

Gmail account support phone number

If you need support about your Gmail account then you should go to Google help page where you can choose Gmail as your product and then you can see enough information related to common issues which might solve your issue also. You can get help via live chat and via email also. If you are a paid user of Google then you can dial Gmail account support phone number and talk directly to the technical expert for solution.

Recover a high jacked or stolen Google Account

In the first section we saw how to recover high jacked Gmail account where steps given when you can still sign in to your account. If you cannot sign in to your Google account then you should fill account recovery form and Google will check into your request as fast as possible.

My Gmail account is hacked and hacked changed Recovery phone number and email id

Try below steps:

  • Install (or re-install)  2-Step Verification.
  • Add the Google Authenticator on your phone to get the codes. Doesn't need a connection.  
  • Keep your account recovery options up to date.  
  • Regularly back up your account.  
  • Generate and use a secure password, A password manager such as Last Pass.
  • Check apps connected to your account, and to revoke access.

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