How to add multiple email accounts in Gmail

Add multiple email addresses in Gmail account

Having multiple email accounts is not bad. But checking multiple accounts in different devices is monotonous, especially when these accounts belong to different email service providers. If you are one of those people who love to use numerous email accounts, you may allow Gmail to host all those accounts. Yes, you can allow any other email service provider, but Gmail is definitely a safe and a better option for you. However, Gmail technical support number recommends this option for the advanced users.

Why Gmail?

  1. Gmail can handle multiple email accounts
  2. Gmail imports the emails from POP3 accounts without taking any time
  3. Gmail automatically fills the server information
  4. Gmail is a safe option to manage multiple accounts
  5. Gmail is recommended for the advanced users

How to import?

  1. Open Google Mail
  2. Go to the top right portion
  3. Click on the wheel icon, select [Settings]
  4. Go to the [Accounts] section now
  5. Access the [Import] tab
  6. Check mail using POP3
  7. Click Add a POP3 mail account
  8. Here you need to enter your email address
  9. Click [Next] now
  10. Enter your respective [Account Password] and click [Add Account]

How to deal with the imported account as a separate account?

Getting technical support with Gmail helpline number is perhaps the best way to deal with this issue. You are suggested to check the option that says [Label Incoming Messages], and also, create a label for the respective account. The selection of [Archive Incoming Messages] is suggested to you in this agenda. Here you can skip the [Inbox]. Open the [Header In] window and access [Settings]. You will get the chance to select [Accounts and Import]. Gmail will ask you whether you want to use the email as an identified account for sending an email. But this option will come after the account is imported successfully. A code will be sent to the respective email account.

How to manage multiple email accounts?

In order to check multiple email accounts at a time, you need to ignore the fact that the emails are coming from multiple accounts. You can share your issues with experts by calling Gmail Customer Service Phone Number. The use of Gmail labs feature called [Multiple Inboxes] is suggested to you in this regard. You will have to open the [Settings] window. It can be found in the drop-down menu. After the page is open, you need to access the [Labs] tab. Click on [Multiple Inboxes] and [Enable Radio], one after another. Click the [Save Changes] button at the end.

Get technical support with Gmail helpline contact number

Gmail has an advanced and incredibly fast helpline which tells how to import or manage multiple email accounts in Gmail. You can access this helpline team via Gmail helpline contact number. The helpline number which is introduced to connect the Gmail users with the Gmail experts is committed to being available 24 hours. Gmail helpline is actually assisted by a group of tech experts who have been hired after stringent analysis of technical knowledge and presence of mind. They are especially helpful for you if you are facing any kind of difficulties in importing or managing multiple accounts.

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