Gmail Not Working on iPhone

Solution for Gmail issues on iphone, ipad and ipod

Gmail is the frequently used email service provider for the users which helps them to enjoy all its services related to email. It makes the mailing services convenient for the users which help them to make their work updated on both the professional as well as personal uses. The best part of the gmail is that it is operational on iphone also. Users can access their account from the device which helps them to get the update for the their email from time to time. But it sometimes happens that Gmail not working error instances on iphone which causes issues to them in working. For such situation that an error occurred while delivering the message, users is required not to be panicked and follow the given steps

  • Go to the gmail site
  • Review the recent devices on the gmail
  • Do the captcha reset
  • Ensure that the IMAP is enabled
  • Remove your account and set it again with the device
  • Load it again on your device

These correctional steps will help the users to resolve their issue and continue their work on the gmail. If the users cannot get mail or cannot send mail then they are advised not to panic and go through the given steps to overcome the issue. It also happens that the ipad and ipod touch, cannot get mail. This causes difficulty to them in their work.

Another issue which users might face while working on it is that the connection to the server ‘’ failed, cannot send mail due to which they are facing difficulties.

Users are required to go the settings>mobile and then scroll down to mobile data for each of the app.

The Username or Password is Incorrect

Another issue which the users might face while working on the gmail account is that the username or password is incorrect. This is a very crucial situation for the users as it locks them out of their account. In such situation, users are required not to be panicked and follow the given steps.

  • Go to the gmail
  • Enter user name
  • Select the option of password forget
  • Choose from the given method to reset password
  • Enter the new password

Another issue which the users might face is that the mail server ‘’ is not responding.

For such situation, users are required to reboot their iphone as they need to press and hold and home and sleep button together. Another step is to restart the wi-fi connection and connect the device again with the wi-fi connection. These steps help the users in the situation when the mail server ‘’ is not responding. It helps them to overcome such condition and work easily on it.

When the server is not responding properly, then the users are required to verify that you have entered the correct account info in mail settings which helps the users to establish the connection properly and enable them to work.

Users can get fix for gmail not working on iphone as well as ipad and ipod touch by getting connected to the experts.

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Gmail Not Working on iPhone
Gmail Not Working on iPhone