How to Manage Gmail and Google Security and Privacy Settings

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Gmail Security and Privacy Settings

Gmail is used by millions across the world for communication on web. One sends and receives emails on Gmail. This is quite safe, secure and offers lot of features to the users. Because you share and do lot of activities on Gmail so it is proper for you to manage and secure your Gmail account properly. You can start by going to page and then there you can manage many of the settings for your Google account. You'll see several sections on this page, one for Sign-in & security, one for Personal info & privacy, and another for Account Preferences.

Google Security Check

You can start with security check. You can click on this section into your Gmail account and follow the given instructions. Here you can check 5 items as follows:

Recovery Information Check

You will be asked to enter a recovery phone number and email address. You should enter these to recover your account in case you lose or forget your account password in future. So it's a good idea to enter recovery phone number and email. After filling that section in, click Done.

Recent Security Events Check

You can now see recent security events. This tells you when you logged into your account from different devices, and lists any changes you've made, such as to your password, or to your recovery phone or email. If you find that anything looks suspicious, click Something Looks Wrong, and then follow the instructions. Otherwise, click Looks Good.

Connected Devices Check

Here you check all your connected devices with your account. These are computers, tablets, and smartphones that have logged into your Google account. If are not using any device anymore, it's a good idea to remove it from the list. Or if you see an unfamiliar device in the list, you should remove it. Click Something Looks Wrong, and follow the instructions.

Account Permissions Check

In this section, you can check your Google account permissions. Here is a list of apps and websites that are authorized to access your Google or Gmail account. If you've tried out email apps, for example, and granted them access to your Gmail account, but no longer use them, you should click Remove here for each of them. Click Done when you're finished.

2-Step Verification Settings Check

The final section is for 2-Step Verification. Through this Google protects your email and the rest of your Google account.  So you should set it up if you haven't already. If you have already set up 2-Step Verification, you'll see your phone numbers here. If not, you can turn on 2-Step Verification.

Similarly you can check your Google privacy so that you can decide what content of your account can be seen and shared by whom? From the account page, click Get Started under Privacy Checkup.

Most of these settings apply to all related products of Google like Google+, YouTube, and what type of data Google stores, and who can view it. Have a look through these and adjust anything you don't like.

Change your Gmail Settings

At any point of time you can go to settings page of your Gmail account and change information there to change your personal settings of your Gmail account. From time to time you should do it to keep your Gmail account safe and secure.

Gmail Technical Support Number

Gmail has best technical support team and they are always ready to solve query of yours. Any user facing any issue related to your Gmail account on any device that you are using you can get help online, through Live chat or phone. So any time if you are looking to get help on Phone then you should dial Gmail technical support number and get the desired help from the team.

Gmail Customer Service Number

You can dial Gmail customer service phone number to get help from Gmail customer service team.