How to change the language of Gmail back to English if it is other language

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Steps to change the language of Gmail back to English

The facilities provided by Google mail are top notch as it is one of the most widely used mail account. The most fascinating thing is that it can be accessed using all other operating systems and devices. There are apps available for various devices and user just to sync those apps after download. Security provided to the email account is top level and it is totally impossible to break into any email account. Gmail account settings help the customization of the email account. Enhance the security settings of the account and also use the email account as the storage space with high security.

Now there are various issues also faced while access the emails in the Gmail account. Gmail can be accessed in various different languages for the user convenience. By default it start with the English language but later user can convert that to a convention version. Gmail users have reached out to the support team with help request for the conversion of Gmail other language to English. This article will provide the relevant steps and for more help also users can reach out to the support team.

Here are steps to change Gmail language back to English –

  • Open the Gmail account with correct login details.
  • In the top corner click on the gear icon.
  • Now click on ‘Settings’.
  • Move to the ‘Language’ section and from the drop-down select a language.
  • Now at the bottom of the page click on ‘Save Changes’.

Your Gmail account might be in different language and to change it to English follow the steps –

  • Open Gmail and click on the gear icon.
  • Click on ‘Settings’.
  • Go to the ‘Language’ section and click ‘Show all language options’.
  • Now tick the box next to ‘Enable input tools’.
  • Now choose the languages with which you want the input tools.
  • Click on ‘OK’ and the bottom of the page click on ‘Save Changes’.

Dial Gmail helpline contact number if the user is not able to change the Gmail language to English. There are various alternative ways to change the language and take the best tips from the support experts.