How to fix the Gmail syncing issue with the Android app?


How to fix the Gmail syncing issue with the Android app?

Gmail is one of the wisely used email client for the transfer of emails. Gmail user can delete or turn off Web History in the Gmail account or it also has the option to delete all the emails together. Gmail attachment reminder doesn’t allows the user to miss out in sending emails. User can add multiple accounts in Gmail and there is feature of automatic reply during vacation.

User having a Gmail account uses the Gmail android app for instant email access. But there can be issue in the access of emails if the syncing is not done properly. Improper syncing doesn’t allows the sending of emails, opening of mails and also various error messages are received. Gmail app also will not run properly if the syncing is altered. This article describes the steps resolving the issue with the Gmail app. Dial Gmail helpline number if the user is not able to solve the issue by the end of the article.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to solve the issue of Gmail syncing –

    Check that there proper internet connection for the syncing of emails.
    Also check the sync settings of the Gmail app. Here are the steps:

  •     Open Gmail app and click on Menu.
  •     Select Settings and choose the account.
  •     Ensure that the sync Gmail option is checked.

Dial Gmail helpline phone number to have a detailed discussion over the email syncing issue with android device.

    Now also check the sync settings of the mobile device. Here are the steps

  •     Click Settings on the mobile device.
  •     Select Accounts under Personal.
  •     Click on More and check Auto-sync data.

Check the device storage as Gmail stops syncing if the storage in the device is full. To check the storage, go to Settings and then Storage. If the user is having 2-step verification activated then without entering the password user can’t sync the mails. Check whether the Gmail account is accessible from computer.
Contact the support team over Gmail help desk number to solve the issues related Gmail syncing with other devices. Support experts are technically trained in providing quick fix solutions. They are available 24*7 for help and support.